Taipei is home to many well-known landmarks, such as the Taipei 101, the Chang Lai-Shek Memorial, and the Palace Museum. But true Taipei charisma is found in the labyrinthine alleys. But Taipei's character remains to be discovered in the traditions and details of our lifestyles, and it's this minutiae that define us as a city. The city begins with the individuals, and design is inspired by individuality.
In RE-discover, a re-known motion design and animation studio Grass Jelly takes us into the streets and alleys of Taipei City and witnesses 10 designers and design teams in action.
Director Muh Chen's distinct visual language and fast-paced style brings out the unique aesthetics in the city's labyrinthine streets and highlights the designers' insight and ideas in their work, essential elements in taking Taipei towards becoming World Design Capital 2016. Visitors of the pavilion will be surrounded by a seamless wide-screen display, a total virtual immersion, and experience the talents and passions, and drives of Taiwanese designers.

仙草影像 Grass Jelly Studio接受臺北市政府以及小智研發委託製作2011年臺北設計大展Taipei World Design Expo 2011臺北館主題影片-探索臺北。

Client: Taipei City Government 臺北市政府 MINIWIZ 小智研發

Production House: GrassJellyStudio 仙草影像工作室
Director: Muh Chen 陳奕仁
Executive Producer: Yi-Chien Lee 李依蒨
D.P.: Dantol Peng 彭文星

Music: Tz-Jay Wen 溫子捷
VFX Supervisor: Ming-Yuan Chuan 全明遠

Design & Animation:
Roland Yang 楊孟儒
Hsiao Han Tseng 曾筱涵
Li Kang 李康
Winson Chao 趙玟傑
Lin Hao Xiang 林浩翔

Date: 2011.10

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